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'incredible workout, thanks guys.'

martin- London

'Very enjoyable swim / aqua workout.

enjoyed the music whilst i started to learn to swim and worked out'

Joy- London

'Very good value, with instant feedback on technique as well as work rates. highly recommended'

Pete- London

'a great alternative to going to the gym'

Maggie- Ireland

'Not for feint hearted'

Jon- London



Daniela - Swimsanity certified Instructor

Daniela is a Personal Trainer who operates in London. She is as an elite level Body Builder and has a thorough knowledge of training, conditioning and dieting to achieve amazing fitness gains.

Although Daniela has her regular clients that she trains in an outdoor setting, she recognised the potential to increase her current clients training without putting their bodies through more impact exercise.

How? with swimming or water training.

There was one problem.. Daniela wasn't a swim teacher.. didn't come from a swimming background.. in fact, she wasn't even a swimmer...